3rd Gourmet Exhibition / 6, 7, 8 April 2019 / Thessaloniki

2017 Producers

Επωνυμία / Company Προϊόντα / Products
1000 choria Extra virgin olive oil
Agapitos Patisserie  Sweets, handmade chocolates
Agora about olive oil Extra virgin olive oil, organic olives, olive pastes, soaps
Amali Kerasmata Sweets, chutneys
American Farm School Educational Institution; producers
Άνθημα Honey
Area 52 by Aggeliki Asimakopoulou Packaging Services
Arodama Jams, honey, extra virgin olive oil, snails, pastes
Chef Stories Chutneys, jams
Cura Naturale Natural Cosmetics
Diogenis Olives
Elixirion Extra virgin olive oil, olives, nut pastes
Ellion Extra virgin olive oil, olives, gourmet olive pastes
Ev Gaia Extra virgin olive oil, olives, buffalo dairy products
Fanourgakis Family Extra virgin olive oil


Hellenic nut
Achilladelis Lemnos
Lefka Ori

Peanut products, balsamic vinegars, extra virgin olive oil, tahini, sweets, juices, traditional cretan bakery products, organic bakery products, breakfast foods
Geopeen Natural care products
Giahanas Cold pressed seed oils

Hellenic Summer

Nomikos Estate
Zakynthos Coop
Mousiou Family
Lamda Estate
Fenea Gi
Toumanidis Family
Sofia Epiise

pasta, herbs, raisins, sweets, pastries, extra virgin olive oil, legumes, pastes, sauces, caper
Idi prikos by Eleni Psychouli, ELKO Designer kitchen aprons, olive wood handmade creations
Imperial Olives Olives
Kontogiannis Family Organic products: extra virgin olive oil, petimezi, corinthian raisins, wines
Kotinos Golden Foods Olives, Kritamon
Ktima Cheimonidi Pomegranate juices, seeds
Kumilio Kymi’s fig products: dried, jam, fig-honey, spoon sweets
Laouta Natural personal care products
Makara Early harvest, extra virgin olive oils
Mama Creta Jams, bakery products
Maron Extra virgin olive oil
Messina Terra Extra virgin olive oils, Kalamata figs, liquers
Myrepsos Natural Cosmetics, Herbs, Essensial oils
Nature Blessed PC Extra virgin olive oil, infused
Ntourountous Traditional and organic bakery products from Crete
Olea Tree Extra virgin olive oil, organic , olives
Papadopoulos Family Honey
Philippos Hellenic Goods Extra virgin olive oil, olives, pistachios
Region of Central Macedonia Food products of Macedonia
Rhoeco organic herbal tee blends
Soma Soaps natural personal care products
St. Antonios Women’s Coop Greek traditional products including jams, sauces, pasta, etc
Terra Creta SA Extra virgin olive oil
Terra Fyllida Premium mushrooms products
Thessalonikh Food Festival  
Top Sponge Natural sea sponges, lufa
Veluitinos Organic products: extra virgin olive oil, olives
Vis Olivae PCC Natural personal care products

Vita Greca 

Alexandros Handmade Chocolates
To Filema tis Lelas
Gaia Mama

Jams, chutneys, spoon sweets, Handmade Chocolates, Sauces, Valsamic vinegars
Voliotis Family Organic exrta virgin olive oil, early harvest, extra virgin, virgin
Voras Flavours Spreads, jams, sweets, herbal syrops
Vroxisoaps Natural personal care products