2nd Gourmet Olive & Delicacies Exhibition / 05-07 May 2017 / Thessaloniki

GODE 2016

1st Gourmet Olive & Delicacies Exhibition 2016

The 1st Gourmet Olive & Delicacies Exhibition (GODE) took place on May 20-22 at the newly renovated cultural center, Lab’Atoir, in Thessaloniki, Greece under the auspices of the City of Thessaloniki and the Greek International Business Association. In its inaugural year, GODE gained the trust of 56 exhibitors, the support of trade institutions, the media as well as the gastronomy elite.

Domestic and international buyers met with the producers at their stands, sampled their products during the chefs” shows, enjoyed the Olive Bar sessions and expressed the desire to be present at the next GODE in May 2017.

In three days all participants and visitors had a chance to attend a diverse integrated program of parallel events.The opening day started with a round table discussion on “Building Added Value for the Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil“.  Renowned connoisseurs introduced the art of olive oil tasting at the prominently placed Olive Bar. Well known chefs demonstrated special recipes, including the use of olive oil in chocolate making as well as food preserving and more. High profile speakers delivered short presentations concerning the many different uses of olive oil, its importance in nutrition, the importance of the Mediterranean diet and more. Program of parallel events


Olive Bar Tasting




During the 1st Gourmet Olive & Delicacies Exhibition we placed great emphasis on publicity. Throughout the planning stage up until today, a plethora of articles dedicated to GODE’s mission and accomplishments were featured in all major domestic media. Media sponsors  Lifo, Agrenda, El, Agronews, TV100, FM 100, Olive Magazine, Athenian – Macedonian Press Agency, “Cityportal.gr”, “Voria.gr”, GreenAgenda, 104,9 FM, greatly contributed to the constant feed of information on all phases and aspects of the exhibition. The publicity peaked during the course of the exhibition when all local media, newspapers, television, radio, e-press, were present.

Priority has been given to all exhibitors by offering  the opportunity to promote their companies through the exhibition’s social media.

The publicity and promotion plan for the 2nd Gourmet Olive & Delicacies Exhibition aims to establish GODE as the leading force in promoting artisan producers of extra virgin olive oil and olives, honey, delicacies and natural care products domestically and abroad.

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